The Best Local Culture In Alicante Province

Alicante province in Spain is one of the regions with a rich culture in terms of food, facts, as well as festivals. There are a variety of festivals for every visitor to be engaged in. these activities are based on matters of religion, history, sports or culture. With the diversity of its cultures, your trip to Alicante province will remain an exciting story to talk about in the future. Below is a discussion of the best local culture in Alicante province that will just raise your appetite to visit this region.


Puppet Festival


One of the cultural events in the city of Alicante that gives you an opportunity to enjoy puppeteers from the entire world as they do their performances is to attend the puppet festival. After being launched in the year 1984, for years the festival has been able to attract millions of visitors to Spain. It is usually held from 1st to 10th December of every year. It is one of the most enjoyable cultural events to attend to in the world.


Region of Golf


Within the province, there are 15 golf courses. These clubs are set short driving distances apart. For those who do not want to go far from the city, Alicante golf club is a short distance from Alicante city with a maximum of 15 minutes of driving. This has been one of the main attractions of tourists into the province. It gives the visitors a mind relaxing environment when they need to play golf.


Hogueras de San Juan


One of the festivals that have been claimed to be a big tourist attraction center in the province is Hogueras de San Juan festival. It has been celebrated for a long period as a way of welcoming the summer season. During the day, items that are of no use are burned down. It is the same day that people of the province celebrate the feast of John the Baptist.


These celebrations will involve activities like firework competitions, marching bands, among many more activities. This is one of the cultural activities that not a single person should miss participating in at least once in his or her stay in the world.


Spanish Dining Culture


In case you want to eat like a real Spanish, consider having a visit to Alicante province. Here, the Valencian region is the main source of rice. Different rice dishes are available from the paella to akin. Other foods such as Arroz al Horno will be available only at Alicante province. During the Christmas season, they have the best sample Christmas dinner menu. It is also likely to get the turron, which is an example of nougat, mixed with honey. This is one of the real Spanish favorite meals you can consider taking.


Carnival Festival


If you thought that carnival festivals are only celebrated in a special way in Rio you got it wrong. In Alicante, the festival is celebrated in one of the best ways. Prior to it, the city’s streets are well decorated to welcome the festival. In this party, all people young and old age needs to participate. If you only celebrated this festival in Brazil only, consider changing for a while and get a link with the Alicante’s carnival festivals.


In conclusion, based on its culture, Alicante is one of the best destinations for tourists from across the globe. Consider buying yourself a ticket and celebrate the best of Alicante’s culture during the holidays.